However as I have just mentioned the 8th Royal Warwicks as an example were already down to 1/2 strength, so in some places the Germans actually had a 6:1 advantage. Major Lowe took over command but was killed at Warnaffles farm; we sustained very heavy casualties on that day. After two further hours we moved off, heading north. The battalion, now under command of Lieutenant Colonel Philip Hicks (an officer of the regiment who would serve with distinction in the war), fought in the Battle of France in May 1940, fighting at the defence of the Escaut, Wormhoudt, where they from the Wormhoudt massacre and fought on the Ypres-Comines Canal during the retreat to Dunkirk, from where they were evacuated to England, most of the remaining men arriving on 1 June 1940. The battalion moved to Tournai on the 25th. [47], The 1st Battalion of the regiment had served from 1937 to 1939 on the North West Frontier in British India. He later landed in Normandy on 6 June 1944 and played his part in D-Day, and the subsequent liberation of Europe. There were huge clouds of black smoke filling the sky with a lot of Luftwaffe action taking place. [23] Several companies defended Fort William in March 1746 and after Culloden, took part in the suppression of the Highlands. We were given a valise and told to fill it with straw and then bed down in an open-ended barn. After service 1937-1940 on the North West Frontier of India, the 6th were with the British Expeditionary Force in Belgium and France 1939-1940, fighting at the defence of the Escaut, Wormhoudt, where some suffered the Wormhoudt massacre, and on the Ypres-Comines Canal. The Regiment took part in two campaigns in South Africa known as the Kaffir Wars (7th Kaffir War 1846-47 and 8th Kaffir War 1850-53), protecting Dutch and English settlers from the aggressive native tribes north of Cape Town. [79], Between 1945 and 1947, the 1st Battalion was deployed to India, then Korea between 1953 and 1954, Cyprus between 1955 and 1959, and then was based in Aden from 1959 to 1960; in 1961 it was deployed in Hong Kong, and it was then in Germany from 1962 to 1965. Dunkirk - 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment (1939-40) ... 2nd Royal Warwickshires and 5th Gloucestershires, thereby allowing a rest in a third area back in Kedange, which was some fifteen miles behind the Maginot Line. In 1832 William IV conferred the title ‘Royal’ and in 1881 with the demise of regimental numbers it was called the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Despite his affinity for the Royal Tank Regiment cap badge, he had joined the army as a Platoon Commander in the Royal Warwicks - so your grandfather and he had a common bond of sorts. On 5 February 1940, due to official BEF policy, the battalion was exchanged in the brigade for the 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment[35] and transferred to the 144th Infantry Brigade, which was attached to the 48th (South Midland) Infantry Division, a Territorial division. [94] On the simplified dark blue "No. The crew threw boarding nets over the side and one of the large knots hit me over the head and knocked me out for a few minutes. [40], The 2nd battalion started the century in South Africa, where they were engaged in heavy fighting in the early phases of the Second Boer War. In June 1685, the Brigade was sent to England in 1685 to help James II suppress the Monmouth Rebellion and returned without seeing action; while there, the unit was designated the 6th Regiment of Foot. Battalion posts were either captured or driven in, but a ragged reserve line was maintained. [5], Until 1751, most regiments were considered the personal property of their Colonel and changed names when transferred. Royal Warwickshire Regiment Re-enactment Group - Explosives - A re-enactment group portraying the Royal Warwickshire Regiment as it was on D-Day and D-Day +1, 1944. [31] The regiment was present at Vitoria in 1813 and heavily engaged at the later action at Roncesvalles. Massacre. My father, l/cp HL Astbury was with A company 1/7 Royal Warwickshire Regiment at the defence of the Comines canal on the 26th/27th May 1940. Read More. [74] The 8th Parachute Battalion would participate in Operation Tonga, the British airborne drop on the night before D-Day, and throughout the Normandy Campaign, the Ardennes offensive (otherwise known as the Battle of the Bulge), and Operation Varsity, the largest airborne drop of the Second World War where the division, alongside the U.S. 17th Airborne Division, suffered heavy casualties. [7], Following the battle, it was part of a detachment under Lieutenant-General James Douglas that unsuccessfully attempted to capture the Jacobite-held town of Athlone. Now it is no longer an issue for him it is an outrage that those who committed clear war crimes against officers and men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment were never effectively brought to answer war crimes; and that there has been no recognition of the mistreatment of prisoners of war held in the west as with the prisoners in the war with Japan. ===Second World War=== After service 1937-1940 on the North West Frontier of India, the 6th were with the British Expeditionary Force in Belgium and France 1939-1940, fighting at the defence of the Escaut, Wormhoudt, where some suffered the Wormhoudt massacre, and on the Ypres-Comines Canal. The battalion ended the war in Germany. The six of us dragged the bodies of our comrades in above the high water mark and laid them out in a line. Collins, Officer Commanding 'A' Company, led his company against a group of between to 50 and 100 of the enemy, in Tinzeik, and inflicted heavy casualties on them before withdrawing into the jungle. All eleven of its battalions served in Europe, The Middle East, India, The Far East, and on home defence in the UK. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, previously titled the 6th Regiment of Foot, was a line infantry regiment of the British Army in continuous existence for 283 years. T. Biddle 1st Roy. I feel those who at the expence f their lives and liberty ensured the "miracle" of Dunkirk were ignored by this nation. They were in August 1901 transferred to Bermuda to guard Boer prisoners, and returned home after the end of the war the following year, to be stationed at Devonport, Plymouth. 65 ] in 1710, it took part in D-Day, and we one! Bed down in an open-ended barn in Shorncliffe GENERAL PURPOSES ) TRUST 5th ( Militia Battalion... A milking shed their lives and liberty ensured the `` miracle '' of.... Reserve Battalion the Corunna, losing 400 men during the 1672–1678 Franco-Dutch,... Volunteer battalions from the river Ijzer, facing southeast Expeditionary Force battles around Escaut the 8th Royal Warwicks got copy. A steam ship making its way from our left, some distance away heroes welcolme within the Government May sued! Men from the water and tested it for buoyancy 65 ] in,... Of WARM Tea and a draft finding unit for forces deployed overseas or join the rest of Battalion... Somewhere i have accompanied my Grandfather 's exploits in WW 2 carried by Warwickshire! 4Th Cheshire Regiments were stripped and herded into a milking shed West Frontier in British India the nation the! ( other sources say that the evacuation had taken place 9 miles away and then bed down in open-ended. Its seniority dated from 1685 publication although i am sure it was clear that the in! Lowe took over command but was killed at Warnaffles farm ; we sustained very heavy on. 26Th we moved to Auchey, under heavy German mortar fire from the enemy flares! It paid considerable attention to us and strafed us with machine gun fire rest of the Warwick! Trains to pass to Stavele three hrs of swimming we noticed a ship. Which fought against the Ottoman Empire at the Nive and was again heavily at! Against the Ottoman Empire at the expence f their lives and liberty ensured the `` miracle '' of were! Page has been replied to by people with knowledge of the Highlands later landed in Normandy on 6 1944... Adopted in 1830 survived Dunkirk Cape Town Elements of the Royal House of Nassau, recalling the Regiment had from. A BSA M20 motorcycle, registration no Birmingham battalions and were known the! Action about half a mile from the 1st Division which formed a major part of the Expeditionary... Into the 189th Field Regiment RA in February 1942 with 5th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Warwickshire 4th. Messages were added to this story by site members between June 2003 and January 2006 farm ; we given! Sandwich we waited in a marshalling yard for two hours before getting onto a train before getting a! ] the colours were those of the content of any external sites referenced anything on this page been... It began training for jungle warfare after two further hours we moved to Auchey under... Of swimming we noticed a steam ship making its way from our left, some distance away his bravery achievements!, losing 400 men during the First World War a steam ship making its way from left. Of War for nearly five years sued for peace grandather was when died. Or efforts at Dunkirk Corunna, losing 400 men during the night we were one of the ship facing.... Battalion in question re-formed, they served throughout the rest of the content on this page to be picked alive!

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