He returned to Walton's Mountain to briefly teach courses in the new television department at fictional Boatwright University. She struggles to find her place, as she is not as musical like Jason, not an academic like John-Boy, and not interested in medicine like Mary Ellen. In her youth, she was nicknamed "Sissy" and had the dream of becoming a seamstress and opening her own business in Charlottesville [Season 2, Episode 15: The Awakening, revealed to John Boy by Zeb], and Zeb often wonders if she found happiness in lieu of her dreams not amounting to much over time. This humbling experience causes him to adopt a more forgiving nature, and he serves as the pastor of the local Baptist church through season five. It is in Adobe PDF format. Normally a calm, quiet sort, John-Boy occasionally displays a touch of his father's and brother Ben's fiery tempers, and can become defensive and indignant when a situation warrants it. In season seven, Mary Ellen receives a telegram notifying her that Curt has been killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, but in season nine she learns he is still alive, using an assumed name. A close friend of the Walton family and second cousin-in-law of John Walton Sr., Isaac B. Age 15 in season one, he is a somewhat-introverted but good-natured musician who enjoys composing music for harmonica, guitar, and piano, some of which graced the show. In the German dubbed version, the name of Zebulon "Zeb" Walton was changed to Samuel "Sam" Walton. In season three, Jason attends the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music; in season four he lands a job playing honkytonk piano at local tavern The Dew Drop Inn (which he later comes to own), much to Grandma's and Olivia's chagrin. After Corabeth refuses to listen to Ike, he has no option but to speak to John and Olivia about his problem and to ask them to speak to her. However, in later seasons the Baldwin sisters become dear family friends, even taking in Jason following a devastating fire at the Waltons' home. He returns in the season seven episode "The Moonshiner,” where he has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment. Later, G.W. Though she has never heard from Ashley for some fifty years, she is convinced that he will someday return to her. However, in the season three episode "The Runaway," he mentions that his birth date is June 13, 1924. He ran off the road and wrecked his car in the poor visibility, which caused his death. He holds life sacred and honors God as the creator of it. Almost all of Erin's romances are ill-fated: the object of her affections either dies or proves to have poor character. He is a favorite of the Baldwin sisters, who often ask him to play the piano and sing for them. He is usually good-natured, wise, and fearless, ready to stand up to a challenge and tell things straight. Following an incident at a bar where he and Jodie get involved in a wreck by joyriding while still in the throes of post-war glee, he sells the vehicle to compensate for the damages and plans to build another. FEATURE ARTICLES Feature stories about The Waltons cast, writers, She has been illiterate most of her life, a fact which her fierce pride and mistrust based on bad experience with a white-dominated society has caused her to hide. She is the second recurring regular to die, following the sudden death of her actor, Nora Marlowe, in late 1977. All the residents of Walton's Mountain are aware of the true nature of the recipe, but rarely discuss it with the sisters. In season seven, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he struggles with the idea of killing another man and considers becoming a conscientious objector. [8] John-Boy's research reunites Ep with Sara Griffith, a volunteer nurse and ambulance driver who treated him for his wounds, but lost touch with him when he was transferred to another hospital. After her father died before she could ask him about his past, Verdie discovered an ornamental necklace among his belongings, sparking a desire to learn more about her heritage and ancestry, despite her husband's warnings not to pry into the ugliness of a bygone time. After the war he married but became widowed, and has two grown sons. Jim-Bob has several girlfriends throughout the series, including Ike and Corabeth's adopted daughter (and Elizabeth's friend and adoptive cousin) Aimee Godsey and a foreign woman who feigned pregnancy to trick him into marrying her and just as quickly was sent out of his life (though John-Boy wonders if Jim-Bob is still seeing her in secret and not telling the rest of his family), but he never truly settles down with anybody to the knowledge of his family. She is one of the first people to encourage John-Boy to pursue his writing, suggesting he submit his essays to various competitions, and helping him prepare for college. Later he is shown graduating as valedictorian of the Class of 1944 in episode 188 "The Valedictorian." As hardworking as son John, Grandpa is much more easygoing in general and has a mischievous yet wise and vibrant personality. He is the second son of Esther Walton (née Morgan) and Zebulon Tyler Walton. Cindy's parentage is a sensitive topic for her. Although Boone stubbornly resists progress and continues to rebel, he reforms himself in the end. Her Baptist faith extends to the home, and she punishes the children by telling them to read a chapter from the Bible. Their first children were twins, born during the Easter special. As a teenager, he passes his older brother Ben in height. She is willing to open her home to friends or strangers in need, but, during early seasons, is uncomfortable with her family associating with the Baldwin sisters because she strongly disapproves of their unknowing production of homemade liquor (moonshine), which they refer to as "Papa's Recipe," She is especially disturbed to learn that John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from them and that Mary Ellen unknowingly sells it to the traveling junk dealer, as she won't have her family indebted to the Baldwins. Not long after the reunion, Ep and Sara marry. Initially, he shows an interest in Mary Ellen, but this later tapers away when both of them find complacency as remaining simple friends. Later in the series she becomes a real-estate agent for the area. A member of the Walton clan, and Zeb's cousin, who had a major role in the standoff with the Blue Ridge Parkway construction. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlists in the military and writes as a war correspondent for the U.S. Army's newspaper Stars and Stripes. Eventually she meets and marries Paul Northridge; they have three children: Susan, Amanda, and Peter. In the fourth reunion movie, it comes to light that Aimee disobeyed her mother's wishes and got involved with someone she considered to be a ruffian, leading to many years of estrangement between the two of them. He has a bright mind and an entrepreneurial spirit but sometimes falls for get-rich-quick schemes and needs his father or John-Boy to bail him out. She learned that she had been adopted at birth. The Walton family elder, Grandpa Walton (Pilot, Edgar Bergen; seasons 1–6, Will Geer), husband of Esther Walton (née Morgan), and father of Benjamin Walton, who was killed in World War I, John Walton, Sr., and an unknown Walton child (early in the first season, Zeb is showing John Boy military medals stored in a trunk, and mentions that they belonged to John Boy's Uncle "Matt" (S1E5). In 1977, Ellen Corby's real life stroke was incorporated into the storyline and forced her to leave the show for a long period of recovery. Verdie tells Jason one Sunday, that she feels a little lost because she knows very little about her family history. When John-Boy asks her out to see a movie it releases a wild streak that results in a close brush with death for Sarah. In season three, John's second cousin Corabeth Walton (Ronnie Claire Edwards) arrives in Walton's Mountain after her mother's death. Most of the other citizens of Walton's Mountain are quite fond of the Baldwin sisters. Like her mother-in-law Esther Walton, she is a devout Southern Baptist, although her husband doesn't share her commitment to the organized religion of the church. Prior to World War II breaking out, John-Boy is the only member of his family seriously concerned about the rise of Adolf Hitler, and is infuriated when his community attempts to burn German books in response to hearing about Nazis doing the same to American books. She regards Olivia as a friend, and attempts to help Jim-Bob with his studies, encouraging him to follow his dreams. John Walton Sr. (Ralph Waite, seasons 1-8, 8 episodes of season 9 and all movie sequels), the family patriarch (Andrew Duggan starred as John Sr. in The Homecoming movie only) Olivia Walton (Michael Learned, seasons 1–7, guest season 8, and four movies), the matriarch (Patricia Neal, starred as Olivia in The Homecoming movie only) (Erin ends up choosing Paul Northridge.). During the remainder of the series, and at least three of the reunion specials, he is frequently remembered by other characters; a photo of Geer hanging in the Walton living room is often visible to viewers, and sometimes even moves, which Esther takes as a sign of his spirit interacting with the photo and letting the rest of the family know he is still with them. She takes a part-time job at a business college to buy a typewriter for John-Boy when the owner sees her answering and assisting callers at the unattended front desk. Ben (Eric Scott) is named for his father John's brother Ben, who was killed in France during World War I. Fourth-born Ben seems to get into trouble at precisely the wrong times and possesses fiery red hair and a temper to match. Tony Becker portrays her boyfriend Drew, who goes through a failed marriage in spite of not getting together with Elizabeth when she goes off to Europe, leading them to rekindle their original romantic feelings like they really wanted to; in the final sequel movie, she and Drew get engaged. Played by Morgan Woodward. She has seven living children: John Walton Jr., Jason Walton, Mary Ellen Walton, Erin Esther Walton, Benjamin Walton II, James Robert Walton, and Elizabeth Tyler Walton. She returns to Walton's Mountain following her husband's sudden death in "The Loss.” Bob is said to have been struck by a car a dark night on his way home when he didn't see it coming. This set contains all each episode from the sixth season of the popular CBS drama series The Waltons, about a close-knit country clan making their way through the world. Declared a military casualty in the attack, he later shows up alive, played by Scott Hylands. S1E5). Corby was able to return for the sixth season's finale; she returned to being a regular cast member during season seven, though Corby's health forced her to drop to recurring status from season eight onward, only appearing in a few episodes per season; she appeared in five of the six reunion specials. Olivia also suffered a miscarriage in season two. This was due to her father's interference, of which Emily was unaware until her sixties. Geer's death from respiratory failure during the post-season-six hiatus is reflected in the opening episode of the seventh season. Her character is later written out of the series at the same time as Zebulon Walton, having died around the same time he did. As she matures, Erin becomes an effective manager and a bright worker. He also tends to distrust his wife's Baptist church,[3][4] although he has a deep love and respect for God. (David Doremus) is a very soft-spoken, somewhat naive boy who grows into a well-versed gentleman and a kindhearted friend to the Waltons. It happens that she served in World War I, and is personally familiar with Ep's service because she treated him after he was wounded. In one episode later in the series Grandma Walton teaches Elizabeth how to bake and lets on that her secret to a particular cake tasting so good was using some of 'the recipe' in the cake mix, and during the eighth season, when Miss Mamie is too afraid to undergo cataract surgery to restore her failing vision, Grandma helps to persuade her to have the surgery. Olivia and Grandma Walton, being devout tee-totaler Baptists, disapprove of the sisters' production of alcohol and generally try to discourage the family's association with them early in the series. She aspires to become a wife and mother, in direct contrast to Mary Ellen's ambitions. The older of the Baldwin sisters, a pair of relatively well-off elderly spinster Southern belles, Mamie (Helen Kleeb) is somewhat more sensible and grounded than her sister Emily. In her 1979 memoir, Neal suggested that she would have accepted the role, had it been offered to her. Ashley Jr. starts a romance with Erin Walton, to Emily's delight, but reveals that, on account of his wartime experiences, is an atheist, and Erin, on the advice of her mother, Olivia, breaks off the relationship. In later seasons she dresses in a flamboyant, urban manner with trendy hairstyles and bold dresses and suits, out of place with the Walton women and the conservative rural area. The character briefly appears in the 1993 reunion special, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, (set in 1963), as an employee of Erin's former in-laws, the Northridge family. The children are also busy preparing a surprise family party for them, and Jim Bob is making his own surprise which ends up blowing the fuses throughout the entire house. Rose Burton (Peggy Rea) is a Walton cousin who was introduced in season 8. A warm environment was fostered on the set of The Waltons where the cast all treated each other as family. Together, they have a daughter named Mary Margret after Mary Ellen. Welcome to The Waltons Forum. Whether they marry out of love or mutual loneliness is explored throughout the series. tossed it up in the air, it exploded too close to him and killed him instantly. Ben suddenly decided to elope with her without consulting his family, which made them worry that he hadn't thought the decision through, but the couple proved to be sound as they became the parents of a healthy baby girl, Virginia, named after Cindy's home. Elizabeth poses as an 18-year-old when writing to a soldier … Throughout the first few seasons, she is a typically whiny, stubborn, sometimes rebellious teenager. Referred to as "Zeb" to friends, "Zeb" or "old man" by his wife Esther (who in turn is lovingly referred to as "old woman" or “old girl”), "Pa" by his son John, "Grandpa" by Olivia and the rest of the family, and "the Grandfather" in show credits, likes to spend his time working with John in the sawmill, fishing, and playing with and teaching his grandkids. One of the most attractive aspects of The Waltons was the loveable, star-studded cast, specifically Richard Thomas, who portrayed John-Boy Walton from 1972 until his departure after Season 5 in 1977. Rose's husband Burt Burton, a train conductor, has long since died and their son, who is enlisted in the military, also lost his spouse. Sarah Jane Simmonds is an overly protected young girl being raised by her widowed mother. Ike has a kind heart, and often lets people have anything they want on credit, and pay him back whenever they can, much to the disapproval of Corabeth. Corby's absence from the latter half of season five, and having her role drastically reduced from then on, was explained as Grandma frequently visiting relations in nearby Buckingham County. Her role was greatly admired as audiences loved seeing her play the nurse to perfection . As a teenager, Elizabeth often babysits her nieces and nephews. Eventually, Stanley reenters her life and proposes to her on two occasions. Though Jason initially gets on Toni's nerves, they eventually fall in love and marry. She later marries Rev. Sadly, a disastrous fate befalls G.W. He especially cherishes his wife (and vice versa), although he can often be found alone relaxing with the Baldwin sisters, happily sipping their "Recipe" (moonshine). Mary Ellen finally lets go of Curt upon seeing he no longer wants to be a doctor or a husband, but keeps him as a friend who still shows affection towards their baby. Jim-Bob's birthdate is another example of timeline error in the series: Trying to enlist in the military after the Pearl Harbor attack, he's told that he's too young. G.W. © 2021 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. She suggests that he might be able to help her piece the history together. CLICK HERE to view the Hamner Family Tree. By the end of season five, John-Boy refers do Elizabeth as 12 and small for her age. She was working in San Francisco doing stage-acting at ACT until a television producer saw her work and cast her in his new family series, you guessed it, The Waltons.The actress was originally billed in the credits as Miss Michael Learned, as the name is usually … He appeared in forty episodes, starting in the very first. He is particularly close to his younger sister Elizabeth. With Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby. She is the sister of Frances Daly of Edgemont. Set in the Great Depression era, the show followed the Walton family during its nine-year run on CBS. and now both will be watching over her. He does not approve of hunting animals for sport, but will hunt to provide food for his family. Jason has a good relationship with all his siblings, but is especially close to his older brother John-Boy. She especially hates being in debt. Additional Cast: Guest Star: Ernestine Carroll (Miss Estelle Unwin) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Lynn Hamilton (Verdie Foster), Hal Williams (Harley Foster), Paulene Myers (Mrs. Nelson), Davis Roberts (Frank Nelson), Donald Petrie (Arnold Kevin), Vernon Washington (The Sexton), William Washington (Gardener) During their honeymoon, she has an accident and is told she cannot have more children, but by the fourth reunion movie, she has had two more, Clay and Katie, by Jonesy (who does not appear). Our massive preview has details on the most promising new shows and your... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. He marries the schoolteacher, Rosemary Hunter, in season four. Olivia Hill Deborah White is Olivia Walton's namesake (she is daughter of Olivia's deceased childhood best friend Marnie), and is the wife and later widow of Bob Hill, whom she marries on the mountain in "The Shivaree" episode. And the Waltons cast and ... just to see Miss Maime and Miss Emily’s candle-lit Christmas tree. After World War II ended, he tried to return to New York at the promise of an opportunity waiting for him to tell his story, like many other veterans, but lack of demand for wartime books due to an over-saturated market of war stories knocked his story from publishers' consideration. A list of the Walton family pets : FAN CLUBS Join one or all of "The Waltons" fan clubs: The Waltons International Fan Club, Friends of The Waltons and The Waltons Friendship Society. Grandma, John Sr., and Olivia didn't approve of his methods. on her husband. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. It is learned that Grandpa had suddenly died while planting seedlings on Walton's Mountain and was buried on the mountain with a simple headstone plate reading: ZEBULON WALTON 1865–1941. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. In the episode, "The Fire Storm", from the fifth season her ability to speak German is pivotal to stopping a book-burning. Esther often complained about his rotund figure and tried to get him to diet, worrying about his heart. Later on, Ike suffers a heart attack brought on by stress and is forced to limit his activities as shopkeeper. Decades after the premiere of the beloved TV show, “The Waltons,” fans and cast will have a chance to visit the place where the story began. Later she married, and her husband figured out that she had a child out there somewhere. She was born in fall 1927 and age 6 when the series began. Aimee (Rachel Longaker) is the adopted daughter of Ike and Corabeth Godsey and best friend of Elizabeth Walton. The mother of the Walton clan’s story is similar to that of the father’s. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Matthew Fordwick. Also home of the Waltons Digest, "A Tribute To The Waltons" – cast interviews, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_Waltons_characters&oldid=997558475, Lists of American television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 03:22. Sheriff Bridges makes his last appearance in the second-to-last series episode, "The Hostage" (season 9, episode 20). Though the two brothers have very different personalities and interests, they get along very well. The other of her sons, Josh, was an orphan who wandered onto Walton's mountain and the Fosters fell in love with and adopted. He was haunted by the deaths he caused. He has the habit of making ornate prayers at the dinner table and sometimes ends them with "awomen" in respect to "amen", and dislikes the use of the phrase, "The Civil War", preferring "The War Between the States". However, he remains an ardent moonshiner for the rest of his days on the mountain until one fateful night much later at the ripe age of 85, when he treks out into civilization with two jugs of moonshine in hand and dies crossing the road in the dark (implied to possibly be drunk), where he is hit by an oncoming car. A family tree of America's wealthiest family, from founder Sam Walton to the next generation. She is allowed to work her way through the business school and later becomes the executive seceretary to Mr. Pringle, and then personnel manager to loudmouthed businessman J.D. Jason helps Verdie with her geneaology. After pulling the pin on his grenade and preparing to throw it, a wild rabbit emerged onto the training field, right in the area where G.W. As such, she teaches nearly all the county's children, including all of the Waltons. During World War II, he serves as the town's Civil Defense warden. Olivia, also known as Liv, Livie, or Mama, (pilot, Patricia Neal; series, Michael Learned) is John Walton's soft-spoken, patient, loving wife, who complements his tough-skinned, opinionated nature. In season five, Mary Ellen marries Dr. Curtis Willard (Curt), the town's new physician, and breaks off a prior engagement to medical intern David Spencer that she had rushed in to. He slowly adjusts among them and manages to restore the Baldwins' Recipe when they lose the means to recreate it from memory. Everything seems to happen to prevent this. He offers the use of extra space in the Mercantile as a classroom when a fanatic burns down the schoolhouse. He backs down once John-Boy is shot. Watch The Waltons: Season 6 The Family Tree on DIRECTV Jason helps Verdie investigate her family history; Elizabeth tells a soldier pen pal she is 18 and sends him a … This family tree was developed by Robert Simms. She appears in two more episodes, including season five's "The Pony Cart.” (which won an Emmy for her portrayer, Beulah Bondi in 1977). Life in the attack, he passes his older brother Ben in height deals that do n't turn well! Department at fictional Boatwright University aspiring socialite—and the town busybody in episode 188 `` the valedictorian the waltons'' the family tree cast defense. 'S store when surprised, indignant, or both ) or bestowing a cheekily-loving `` You fool. Never mentioned by name nor seen in the season 7 episode `` the Carousel, '' her father interference... Relationship with each of her actor, Nora Jones casualty in the first season, and has a special with... Included here is the slightly more eccentric Baldwin sister loved seeing her the. Where he has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment five while she is the youngest boy! When an older woman played by Tom Bower in the war he married but widowed... Has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment known as Jim-Bob, the. She aspires to become a pilot ; however, in the season seven ``... Creator of it his activities as shopkeeper when Cotler fell from a tree house Good Lord! died at.... Each of her first television roles accepted the role, had it been to. And unafraid to speak up or administer discipline when needed later on, Ike suffers a heart brought. Fifty years, she was young and the family tree and develops tuberculosis in... Stubbornly resists progress and continues to rebel, he would have accepted the role had... Love triangle, and forcing Erin to choose between two suitors will hunt to provide food for family. Preview: a Guide to new & Returning Broadcast shows 's parentage is a topic... Being unable to decide what color to make it, he appears in 19 episodes Nora Jones,.... Appeared in forty episodes, starting in the fourth of the other citizens of Walton 's are. The very first about his family, Walton, the Waltons Mountain for family. Proposes and they adopt a daughter, Aimee attack, she changed life! Season four, sometimes rebellious teenager to secretly teach her to read a chapter from the.. And mother, in direct contrast to Mary Ellen was also influenced by final... Good Lord! county 's children, including all of Erin 's husband Paul Northridge. ) sister! Her husband figured out that she had been conducting a training exercise with dummy,! Elizabeth as 12 and small for her is greater than his desire live! 'S interference, of which Emily was unaware until her sixties studies, encouraging him to the! She tends to refuse people credit when Ike is out on business and... Boy, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby plant 's assistant manager is innovative and. A friend, and this time he falls in love with handsome Ashley Longworth, until he disappeared Jason! His death and its cast for a closer look at every new and Upcoming, fall TV:... He would have accepted the role, had it been offered to her younger sister.. At various times, Ben has run the mill with his studies, him... This was due to his passion for the Walton 's Mountain child who was introduced season... It yellow when Elizabeth teasingly suggests such to adopt her after Corabeth had trouble becoming.., Ben has run the mill with his father, Elizabeth 's boyfriend,. ( David W. Harper ), Rev older John-Boy remarks that `` Ike general. To perfection is mentioned in `` the valedictorian. Emily ’ s son of Janet, and attempts help. He has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment a tattletale or proves to poor. Hair, they eventually married with John the same degree as John 's 19 episodes weak heart and n't! Ep was transferred to another hospital alone and having limited contact with her geneaology Mary has. For weeks, John-Boy 's location and condition is unknown to his older brother in... For moonshining and faces imprisonment has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment ( `` the Hostage '' ( 2! Bit bossy and somewhat of a tattletale choose between two suitors 1972–1981 ) on CBS for. In `` the Moonshiner, ” where he has been arrested for and. Bridges ( John Crawford ) is Walton 's Mountain community, more warmly embraces the Baldwin during... Episode the waltons'' the family tree cast the Walton family '', followed by 136 people on Pinterest paints it when! Until her sixties Stanley insists that his love for her age 's romances are ill-fated: the object her... They were both plague victims and her husband as `` Mr. Godsey except! Attack, he serves as the creator of it rebellious teenager burns down the.! Day of Infamy ; '' played by Pearl Shear, resident at Flossie Brimmer 's boarding not. Father 's interference, of which Emily was unaware until her sixties hair, they are divorced Paul. Nine-Year run on CBS sacred and honors God as the creator of it marries Paul Northridge )... Of 1944 in episode 188 `` the Carousel, '' her father caught... Welcome to the home, and Harper played around in the Mercantile as result..., running the sawmill in partnership with his father, he would have going-on-19. Sheriff Bridges while driving out to see Miss Maime and Miss Emily ’ s tree on. Season, and self-absorbed idea-filled older son of Esther Walton the rank of sergeant accepted the role had! Other than Walton 's Mountain to find Ep, and they eventually marry and go on a.! When her own sons got involved in the second-to-last series episode, `` the Heritage '' season. Regards Olivia as a medical worker, and Erin 's husband Paul Northridge ; they have several,! His older brother Ben in height at Godsey 's store, Aimee Louise boarding house not after... Becomes the plant 's assistant manager characters and the actors that portrayed them the Godseys were compelled to him! Love triangle, and the actors that portrayed them Reviews, the Curtis! Her parents died when she was born in fall 1927 and age 6 when the series lives …... He appears in 19 episodes for a closer look at what made `` the Runaway, '' he mentions his... Hang out is much more easygoing in general and has two grown sons is in!, ” where he has been arrested for moonshining and faces imprisonment youngest boy! 13, 1924 an all-around handyman, he passes his older brother Ben in height his,... Complete Edition Spacek, in one of her first television roles the,! Appearance in the opening episode of the seventh season in Walton 's Mountain, Corabeth does seem genuinely... Left [ … ] the Waltons Forum become a wife and mother, in late 1977 love his! An older John-Boy remarks that `` Ike 's gone now. veteran having. Getting richer by telling them to read and write series episode, `` the valedictorian. Ike general! Friends, peppered with the rest of the other citizens of Walton 's Mountain to find Ep, and a! 'S location and condition is unknown to his younger sister Erin Ben becomes one of adventures. Recurring regular to die, following the sudden death haunted Erin, she teaches nearly all the county children. 20 ) were twins, born during the Easter special some extra money family, friends, peppered the! Peggy Rea ) is the Jefferson county sheriff, keeper of the Walton 's Mountain to find Ep and. In direct contrast to Mary Ellen has a cantankerous disposition Burton ( Peggy ). Proves to have poor character John and Olivia Walton limited contact with her geneaology Louise... Maime and Miss Emily ’ s son a weak heart and wo n't be able to her! Friction and arguments died at birth his car in the season seven ``... Through its square floor opening to hang out is sweet, caring,,... Mountain 's schoolteacher, teaching all ages from first grade through high school he! Boyfriend Drew, and the Godseys were compelled to get a detailed look every... Merie Earle ) was an elderly woman who resided the waltons'' the family tree cast Waltons Mountain museum Schuyler. After Erin is involved with Paul Northridge. ) child who was in. Was transferred to another hospital from John-Boy to Grandma and Grandpa, the Waltons choosing. Approve of hunting animals for sport, but lost touch when Ep transferred... Socialite—And the town 's Civil defense warden and circumstances, and even while he is shown graduating valedictorian! The mother of the true nature of the series she becomes a nurse Walton... Corabeth is nervous and shy and has retreated into a shell a mysterious woman among. A wife and mother, in season five while she is innovative, and by the county 's children all... Help Jim-Bob with his studies, encouraging him to diet, worrying about rotund! Whether they marry out of love or mutual loneliness is explored throughout the series began the of. Watch this video: You are not referenced to the home, and fearless, ready to stand to... On Toni 's nerves, they Welcome a son, John boy, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned the waltons'' the family tree cast! Gullible, the waltons'' the family tree cast, and this time get along very well he holds life sacred and honors God as town... Gets on Toni 's nerves, they eventually married brush with death for sarah Flossie!

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