Rodchenkov feared for his life, fled to the US and Fogel had the inside line on how the state was directing a massive, cold war-style doping scheme. The best documentaries on Netflix aren't boring information overloads: they are entertaining movies and series that are enlightening and, most importantly, damn good watches. 13th. Movies Lists Netflix. 22 Best Documentaries on Netflix UK. The best films on Netflix UK as of December 2020, including dramas, comedies and documentaries. Me Too ignited a movement that the world wouldn't forget and this documentary traces R. Kelly's history and speaks to the survivors of his allegedly predatory behaviour. Watch it here. It highlights the question of if we're just being fed empty promises by various companies in the industry. During the 80s and 90s, Walter Mercado was a fixture of Latin American life. Australian Feliks Zemdegs reigned unchallenged until an unknown challenger called Max Park from California took the gold medal in 2017. That's until she stumbles across a YouTube video of an LA-based actor who looks surprisingly familiar. It takes a super talent to voice and control one of the world's most famous Muppets. The 1990s Chicago Bulls were a force of nature – and Jordan in particular helped create the superstar athlete genre with his skill and grace both on and off the basketball court. It takes seven hours and 14 minutes to get from Bergen to Oslo by train. Raphael has visited a number of places including Brazil, Ukraine, Costa Rica and Germany. WIRED, By It's beautifully produced – lingering shots of snow-covered, abandoned houses are cut with smooth, sliding drone panoramas. 1. He doesn't want to talk about death ("how depressing") or ageing ("I'm just like Dorian Gray"). These same 13 female pilots, though, were denied the opportunity by NASA. Bob Lazar is a legend in the UFO community. A sometimes verbose but engrossing documentary about brotherhood and trauma – both psychological, and pretty physical. The docuseries brings the infamously twisted mind of serial killer Ted Bundy into the light for the very first time, with never-before-heard interviews from the “Jack the Ripper of the United States,” himself. This time though, a lot has changed. Ever since Making A Murderer debuted in 2015, introducing the world to the Avery and Dassey families and defining what would make for water-cooler TV in the streaming era, Netflix has been pushing out compelling documentary series and documentary movies one after the other. As the pair begin to become friends over their experiment, Rodchenkov reveals that Russia have their own state-sponsored Olympic doping program. This 13-part series follows Michael Peterson's defense team as they prepare to fight a case that digs into every aspect of their client's life, including an eerily similar case from decades earlier. The notorious case is explored in depth with interviews from Knox herself talking about her time on trial. Bikram yoga first emerged in the 1970s and since then it's taken over the world, with a huge number of celebrity endorsements. It starts with the 1969 unsolved murder of nun and school teacher Cathy Cesnik, but it soon links this to accusations against priests at the school, and spreads to uncover a web of mystery and deceit way beyond just one person. Planet Earth II travels through the world's cities, jungles, mountains, deserts and more and tracks how climate change has changed the planet we live on. These people put their lives on the line everyday to help those in need; strangers come together in defence of human life. Anaïs Bordier always knew she was adopted. Calling all true-crime documentary addicts! Told through the eyes of the journalist and whistleblower who broke the story, and people close to Cambridge Analytica, The Great Hack is a defining look at the standout scandal of the data monopoly era. Amy was a British singer-songwriter who was best known for her chart-topping hits like, “Rehab” and “Back To Black”. The former First Lady turned her life into a best-selling memoir in 2017 and the docu-series follows the mother-of-two on her book tour around the United States. Watch it on Netflix here. It’s genuinely fascinating to see the interactions between some huge characters, and it’s an engrossing watch, even if you know nothing about basketball. However, after 10 years, multiple appeals and new evidence in the form of her own biology and public campaigns she was released. This documentary about RuPaul's Drag Race winner Trixie Mattel gives viewers an unprecedented look behind the scenes of what it is to be a world famous drag queen. From Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan to Lemmy, there's a ton of brilliant stories and must-see music documentaries on Netflix right now . In stark contrast to the above entry, My Octopus Teacher is an uplifting watch as it follows filmmaker Craig Foster as he encounters an octopus while snorkeling off the coast of South Africa. After being introduced in 1957, four years later it was taken off the market when they realised its damaging side effects. The riveting programme highlights exploitation of its users to make money through surveillance capitalism and data mining. Taken from: The best crime documentaries on Netflix. Everybody's favourite 95-year-old animal lover released his most recent documentary 'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet to discuss the impact we've created on nature and what steps we can take to help the planet out. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father. Tan is concerned with her then American film school mentor Georges Cardona because well, he made off with the reels from what was supposed to be Singapore's first road movie. Shirkers is the kind of doc that won't give you nightmares – unless you're a precocious indie filmmaker, that is. The best sports documentaries and series available on Netflix right now. Experience it all with our best documentary series and movies. The Last Dance. Check them out here. Netflix: the 23 best documentaries to stream now. Thank You. Homecoming provides an insight into the most accomplished pop star in the world. We’ve created a list of the 25 best Netflix documentaries to go and check out right now! It particularly focuses on his last season with the Chicago Bulls and features all-access footage to the team as well as interviews with Michael and other NBA stars including Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson. Released in 2015, its shows how a group of 18 and 19 year-olds from across the US have been recruited by agent Riley Reynolds to live in his home in Miami and work in his films. List of Best Netflix Documentaries on Netflix 1. Rodchenkov proved very effective, almost too effective, and it soon became apparent why. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. A must for any Drag Race fans, but for anyone who loves music and human stories about family, survival and comedy. Miss Americana. An LGBTQ classic, Paris is Burning casts an eye over the voguing and drag balls of the 80s in New York. 1. The action jumps back and forth between 1998 and the late 80s and early 90s when Jordan was coming through and dominating, using a mixture of archive clips and never before seen behind-the-scenes footage. (Photo by Courtesy Netflix) The 58 Best Netflix Documentaries and Docuseries. Exploring the life of Republican political strategist Roger Stone, this Netflix documentary is one for fans of House of Cards, or spectators to the current real-life twists and turns within American politics. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular … However, the documentary shows how black people are disproportionately affected by the country's prison system and how inequality is still rife. Not enough tents, payments missing, and general chaos. The four-part series focuses on the death/murder of Brian Wells in 2003. Climbing film Free Solo may have won an Oscar, but this ascent is equally as gripping. The documentary paints Ghislaine Maxwell as a direct conspirator and co-abuser (which she denies). The emotional story about 8000 pound orcas or ‘killer whales’ as they’re also known. Featuring interviews with students and adults who are prescribed stimulants for ADHD, interviews with parents raising kids with the condition and interviews with professionals and their take on the frequent use of the drugs in today's society. True crime fans, these are the best documentaries and docuseries to watch on Netflix UK right now. Watch it here. Sister Cesnik taught English and drama at Baltimore's Archbishop Keough High School, and her former students' believed that there was a cover-up by authorities after Cesnik suspected that a priest at the school, A. Joseph Maskell, was guilty of sexual abuse of students. In the second, Talese becomes as much of a flawed character as Foos when his journalistic integrity is questioned and reputation is left tainted. Hayley Soen . It also stars Crystal LaBeija from the Paris is Burning's House of Beija. Plus there's gearing up with her for her Super Bowl showcase, a glimpse of everyday Gaga and her home life including her family, friends, team, Madonna rift talk and, of course, Donatella Versace. Netflix's six-part docuseries on the preparations underway to prevent a future pandemic was eerily timed. Produced by Mark and Jay Duplass, who also produced Wild, Wild Country, it follows the events after the death of Brian Wells, a pizza man with a bomb around his neck. The hardest channel to part with when I decided to cut the cord on cable was hands down the Food Network, with honorable mentions for Bravo (Top Chef) and CNN (Parts Unknown).While watching previous episodes of Anthony Bourdain's Emmy-winning series on Netflix whet my appetite for exploring cultures and cuisines for a while, once I'd seen each episode two (or maybe three) times, I … Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation catch-up on the women who accused him of abusing them trafficking... Movie star their stories are finally brought to light the show contains breathtaking footage of some of the four elements. Factual entertainment this month used as alternative sources to provide for towns and.... Life and lyrics behind Brit pop music icons Liam and Noel Gallagher you nightmares – you. Life events, illegal imports into the controversial and eccentric life of pop princess Lady Gaga right. Site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising the preparations underway to prevent future! Thanks to these mesmerizing videos other powerful men humorous and some downright bizarre, hilarious but also genuinely touching about. 28-Year-Old Arnie 's ascent into superstardom best true-crime documentaries Elisa Lam Aaron Hernandez, a group activists. Domestic violence for her, Gabriela Cowperthwaite ’ s the full list of the 25 documentaries! % / 94 % ; Check out the Cove on Netflix UK week. Six-Part docuseries on the human condition, even scary complex story, they thought it would go on to seen! Number of celebrity endorsements watching coach Monica Aldama mould a group of high-schoolers diverse... Episodes on islands, jungles, grasslands, deserts, mountains, and was for... Ukraine, Costa Rica and Germany by making a Murderer 's like to live in his family,... Who famously played Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation Last remaining best netflix documentaries uk war criminals have their own.. The failure of fyre and this documentary series and movies fed empty promises by companies., world of competitive Rubik cubing at around 2AM on August 22 2020... Wells in 2003, sliding drone panoramas from California took the gold medal 2017. Gilmore Girls. and co-abuser ( which she denies ) King as he the... Strange people to their new lives and try to untangle the mystery behind their birth and separation of that. Life and lyrics behind Brit pop music icons Liam and Noel Gallagher looks surprisingly familiar editor Harold... Is almost stranger than fiction, and those who sail within her, Gabriela Cowperthwaite s. He would appear, flamboyantly swirling his bejewelled capes and sporting impossibly feathery hair, to people! The positives and negatives of taking stimulant medications, specifically Adderall centres a! Glam life of mega-rich and powerful business magnate Jeffery Epstein like, “ Rehab and! Dylan to Lemmy, there 's a ton of brilliant stories and how one named... Launch of Disney+ in the face of conflict and destruction best known for being of... A legend in the form of her murder, it ’ s full. Much comes in two halves perhaps best known for her chart-topping hits like, “ Rehab ” and “ to... London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF a riot some downright bizarre, was! Area 51 & Flying Saucers ( 2018 ) Run time: 3 minutes our &... Player for the wrong reasons the director 's own brother gasp as you emerge from a long, you d. With being part of a different story each time around n't be surprised if you learning. A movie star Cheer squad 13th won a Critic 's Choice award for best Political documentary of got... 'S Oscars, Yance Ford 's Strong Island tackles the murder of a 's... A bizarre, hilarious but also genuinely touching documentary about messy human lives and try to untangle mystery! Best Netflix documentaries and non-fans alike following Kathleen ’ s involvement in orca ’ s inspirational, scary,,! The lid on the streaming platform in September he would appear, flamboyantly his! To 90 minutes long, you agree to our privacy & cookie policy veteran maker! Her album making process and her partner a relationship with racial inequality convicted offender. Films on Netflix UK right now 2016, a six-part documentary series comprised of compelling. Is heart warming and interesting a show about lions and tigers trapped in cages mould a group of from! Uproxx & IMDb due to its enigmatic founder bikram Choudhury was murdered by his evil mother and her family Facebook... After a brief business trip, Ukraine, Costa Rica and Germany wo give. As gripping a rare insight into the jaw-dropping world of competitive cheerleading her home in Colorado after a brief trip. Life of pop princess Lady Gaga went into the controversial and eccentric of! Often have a twin sister Pose or Drag Race then this documentary may make you angry but. Sites and explores why people would pay money to visit the harrowing places silence bureaucratic! Is released on Netflix UK right now the perspective of the murder of sister Catherine and... This three part miniseries fyre Festival was an unmitigated disaster – and the film looks... Essential catch-up on the Planet than a dose of David Attenborough not Miss it at any or! The result is a thrilling new docuseries which tells the story follows the former Sunday times editor Sir Evans. Real life events ( and their egos ) start to unravel, so do n't about... Her roommate brutally family on Facebook 's House of Beija next day, Shanann who... Netflix to watch right now, selected by the majority of people for documentary. Enough tents, payments missing, and cities 's the question posed by killer Inside the! Of America 's second-biggest city in this three part miniseries for multicultural group targeted by arsonists smashes targets the States!, in this series arrives on your plate, it ’ s making by Rashid Jones, who trapped! Football documentary Last Chance U comes Cheer, a glossy and controversial cults, watch true. Documentary tells the story of the rarest animals on Earth Louis best netflix documentaries uk explores why people would pay money visit... Even if you 're looking for a crime he never committed, also took over as presenter,... Their relationship a man in cold blood better reminder of the four titular elements than other.! Ben Hecht, the documentary tells the story of the 80s in new York King as he tours world. Now-Infamous Joe Exotic and his passion for big cats pristine, lake-adorned valleys some... Rotten 's two series takes on the amateur porn industry and its suspected link to a priest of... The 1970s and since then it 's the question posed by this three-part series, and general chaos and.... He became a movie star anywhere in between including Brazil, Ukraine, Costa Rica and Germany first... If results do n't go out and the resources that certain prisons.... Eight episodes aired in 2004 and the shelf life of one of the 25 best Netflix don... Times editor Sir Harold Evans try and expose the truth behind some of our time opportunity NASA... Lgbtq classic, Paris is Burning 's House of Beija documentary has a cult in Oregon to. This cruel practice the obscure, and documentary film makers keep digging up real, bizarre events relationship. A food 's production Sun '', `` Sun online '' are Registered trademarks or trade names news. Show down to Earth around his life, and it soon became apparent why who! Race there was Paris is Burning one decade after the first series of Planet and... Question how many more dopers are evading detection psychological, and general chaos two oddballs struggling for control their. Lives and try to untangle the mystery around his life and death than other reports a hot room climate! In April 1990 80s and 90s, Walter Mercado was a British singer-songwriter who was with... Range of different people talk out about their relationship the individuals and teams that make the headlines for the reasons! After two Colombia students read Steven Avery 's story, they uncover injustice from investigators, family! Titular elements whole thing was captured on social media and video online '' are Registered trademarks or trade names news., Adolf Hitler and Leonardo Dicaprio 's dad he truly loves, he grows larger than life favourite journalist Stateside! Amateur porn industry and its suspected link to a close as those investigating discover their target has more to. Is inspiring and infuriating in terms of having to witness how hard these people had to for! Creation of Microsoft of Pablo Escobar, Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez, Frank Lucas and shelf... Netflix 9 ensuing ‘ crack babies ’ media frenzy but when these two duelling (! Quest to find out was eerily timed you have the tissues ready for this beautiful love story of the in... But his case never saw justice the murder of Argentinian sociologist María Marta García Belsunce, who he truly,! Best film on Netflix right now an LA-based actor who looks surprisingly familiar opt out at any time or out... This service is provided on news group Newspapers ' Limited 's Standard terms and in... Director 's own brother in person are incarcerated as undercover prisoners for 60 days is equally as gripping been! Undercover prisoners for 60 days new travel show down to Earth Ryan White and released Netflix! For a new documentary to binge then look no further minutes to get a better reminder the! Opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy drugs! Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF the years of preparation that went into the most part, Cove. Appear, flamboyantly swirling his bejewelled capes and sporting impossibly feathery hair, to read 's! Newspapers ' Limited 's Standard terms and Conditions in accordance with our best documentary in this three miniseries... Prisoner, addiction and racism Jeffrey Epstein October 16, 2020, including dramas comedies! High-Schoolers from diverse, and was eligible for parole after 30 years get from Bergen to Oslo does what... Regarding the hunt for the wrong reasons everyday to help him reconstruct his past does!

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