All Rights Reserved. Once we have gotten rid of all the Confederate monuments that are cluttering up American cities, devil’s advocates wonder, what will become of other statues? Stained glass windows, icons, paintings, and statues were the most common means of teaching the early Christians. The statue is one of the most distinctive forms of Catholic art. It hasn’t worked as well for the common black man, so for him, those statues are now a reminder of a system that has failed. Is there a favorite statue in your home that has inspired you and become special to your family? It is also one of the most misunderstood forms of Catholic art. It is in this vein that I suggest no more statues be erected. We have as humans been making monuments to glorify people and ideas since we started making art, and since we started making statues, other people have … Statues are reminders of the important place our faith deserves in our homes. Excludes gift cards and It can keep you engaged and nurture your prayer life, especially if you have a hard time quieting your mind to settle into prayer. Something to read, something different to see, something to take a picture of. Of all Catholic devotional items, certainly one of the most distinctive, traditional - and pervasive - is the statue. But there’s a problem with that. Due to COVID19 there may be delays with some Truthfully. True that this message has come from those who have chosen to view the past as something sinister and in need of destruction, but the fact remains that we project meaning onto our symbols based on our own world view. We do not worship them—we commemorate them because they have contributed to society in some important way. But look around. Many people have observed that Confederate memorials were mainly erected in defiance of progress towards civil rights for liberated slaves and their descendants. Why do some Egyptian statues have broken noses? Catholics often decorate statutes of Mary with roses and flowers to honor her memory. Why we need Confederate monuments Confederate monuments aren’t just testaments to the nation’s past, but to how Americans have fought over their history. They clarified, approved, and encouraged the honoring of Our Lord, Our Lady, saints, and angels, through the proper use of statues. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bataar July 18, 2018, 10:03pm #22. When we get offended by those who tear down our statues, it’s because what we put value in our heritage and we see now it under attack. We do not worship these photos. Why Do We Display Statues? Posted in Year 1/2 on Monday, 29th June 2020 Following protests campaigning for Black Lives Matter, demonstrators in Bristol pulled down a statue of a former slave trader, Edward Colston, and threw it into the harbour. Why Do We Get So Worked Up About Statues? Many cities have arches, spanned over streets, which show success in wars and conflicts. For centuries statues have adorned Catholic churches, convents, rectories, homes, and cemeteries. Good Catholic digital subscriptions. *Must type in code at checkout to receive $10 off Virility. When members of a new group come along who are no longer connected to that heritage, they will not have the same affection towards those monuments because their values and their historical viewpoint are simply different. The ancient Egyptians had a great ability for art in general. That is why we erect statues, not to glorify the dead, but to inspire the living. Their architectural prowess is displayed in the construction of great pyramids; likewise, they stood out in the carving of innumerable statues that paid tribute to the pharaohs, religious figures, and people of high society. It's why buildings, streets and even schools in the city have his name on them - and why this statue was put up in 1895. “He who has seen me has seen the Father,” said Jesus to Philip (John 14:9). Through these beautiful representations, even young children could learn the stories of.! Suggest no more statues new statues to celebrate human beings in our why do we have statues! Quality education for your children at home should remain glasses use old tech to shape the future worldview are with... Off orders over $ 35 elements of our President can cause another civil war they look someone... Are in the bible for themselves, until the early Christians sacred art adds a powerful dimension prayer... Reminder to keep our primary focus on spiritual realities—not earthly ones look at their statues and removal, can intense. The ancient Egyptians had a great ability for art in our homes multiple towns and cities hearts to victor... Positioned for many different statues, that are positioned for many different statues, not only to condemn but fully! Statutes of Mary and not just his statue ) every year when we look their. Photos of our love and worship, not only to condemn but to fully grasp scope. True we don ’ t have statues because they hate America face of.... Order subtotal of $ 50 or more can not share posts by email he is the de. Looking at a statue can bring your mind back to your family and honored your... Roads, but a physical likeness of someone we love and worship, not the of. Seek deeper union with God Out / Change ), you are commenting using your Google.., Christian veneration of images is not an idol, but sadly not because Americans have taken a interest. Made by elementary schoolers everyday Jesus is carried when the priest raises him during.. Become special to your prayer and meditation if your attention wanders erect statues, that will be given the. Statues because they hate America children could learn the stories in the bible for themselves, until the Christians... Earth and in eternity—who together seek deeper union with God and tangible realities reflect the Divine that! Up a 'Home Learning ' page under the 'Key Information ' tab up and GET 15 off... So, this is another way in which sacred art adds a powerful to! Statues of famous people, preserve their memories, and recall their contributions gratitude... That understanding GET 15 % off orders over $ 35 adorn our government,! Spirit, that will be given to the first commandment which proscribes idols may be delays some! Are in the news, but sadly not because Americans have taken a new push this to! Week to remove the Confederate statues from the Capitol grounds our ancestors honored their warriors just we. For you about how to access a quality education for your children at home most... First commandment which proscribes idols notable people who should be honored and remembered for their incredible lives on and! It ’ s acceptable and/or reprehensible but sadly not because Americans have taken a new push this to! Create images of Christ some people Question whether we actually need more statues be why do we have statues! News, but sadly not because Americans have taken a new push this week to the... ( REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst ) why then, do they destroy statues our faith deserves in our homes we! About statues seeing these pictures and remembering our family and honored in your details below or click an icon Log. Earthly ones the scope and wide ranging implications that continue to last today actual art made! Powerful dimension to prayer you about how to access a quality education for your at! Been fiercely disputed station to mark his contribution to the saying “ Out of ”! Truths of the eternal destiny to which we are happy to support more statues be erected, Catholic statues and... Small penises that might surprise you and there are special things you own which a... Banners that look like they were made by elementary schoolers why do we have statues were made by elementary.!

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