I don’t mind the texture. But, I wasn’t exactly sure of all the steps. . But today, we have brought you our top three easiest ways of spray painting wood furniture without sanding. I generally try not to sand old pieces but have been lucky to find most of mine without any paint. Love the cute photo of you!. Make sure your furniture is clean. Wipe down all surfaces to be painted with white spirit using a lint free cloth. You inspire me by this post. I knew that I could make my place nice and as an art major I was pretty familiar with painting various objects already. Give plenty of drying time as well, to avoid marring the surface. We suggest an acrylic water-based paint or latex to avoid having to clean your brushes repeatedly in paint thinner. The table below is one that I found years ago hiding in a corner of an antique shop like a forgotten jewel. If you paint a piece of real wood furniture or cabinetry, the wood will absorb some of the paint or primer into its pores, which creates a tight bond and helps the paint stick to the wood. It’s regular semi-gloss wall paint, that’s right…WALL PAINT! If that’s what you’re going for, leave some of the minor cosmetic scratches, if the piece has any, and then be prepared to do a little scuffing once it’s dry as well. Love the color! How To Paint Furniture Without Sanding. When I shop for used furniture I look for pieces that have the authentic old paint when possible. Looks great! I love the updates and changes that were made! I think I might have to try this! I loved seeing the younger Janet in the photo. Required fields are marked *. I’d love to go through and repaint some of my furniture. Well, that is not entirely true. It has a bottom in it, but I still put down a Drop Cloth to protect it from overspray … … (It’s a good idea … Sanding is tedious and I honestly rarely do it. If you are concerned about lead being in your old pieces, you can purchase an inexpensive test kit that will tell you. Honestly, I’m not a fan and have used several types of chalk paint. Cover Stain Primer – See the current price here.. 6” Roller – This is the best one out there for a super-smooth finish!. Would you have any suggestions for this process? Most times we have the painters just seal it and if it’s outside it’s not an issue to remove. Pro Tip: Don’t worry about sheen when picking your paint. I’ve only spray painted things for outdoors, just as old window frames, or tin or old benches, etc., always using the spray Rustoleum 2x. The gloss on the piece will be determined by your protective coat, not the paint. I love your furniture. If there are major nicks/gouges/scratchs, you may choose to fill them in with putty or Elmer’s wood-filler. Pro Tip: If you are changing hardware, you might need to fill in the previous holes and dents as frequently modern hardware is a different size from antique. Thank you for spreading the knowledge. I always hear about painting furniture without sanding and no prep needed. I plan to paint over my cabinets. Since … Thanks for helping me. Not impossible though, you’ll need to take some steps to prevent the paint from peeling. I have another product … The trick to painting furniture without sanding is to … If your piece does test positive for lead you have choices. It’s difficult to replicate the look of paint that has been on a piece for decades and often quite easy for me to distinguish when a painted surface is new. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong? You may choose to replace the hardware with new fixtures, or recycle the hardware you have. The grain will be clearly visible, especially because you haven’t sanded your furniture. We have painted quite a bit of it over the years and these tips will be helpful for the next project! eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'diyshareable_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',110,'0','0'])); Pro Tip: Like a good primer, good brushes are worth their weight in gold. Without seeing the pieces Jennifer it’s hard to tell, but I’ll bet that they needed at least to be de-greased. Don’t you just hate the mess sanding can make? Paint the furniture in a light, even coat in the direction of the grain. It’s a great shortcut. I haven’t tried to do anything like this before. I would love to hear the answer to the above question about things sticking to a painted piece, even months after painting it. The paints these days are definitely more environmentally and user friendly, but if there is lead….then not the case! Sanding is the worst part, so I avoid it like the plague. … Pro Tip: If you’re adding new hardware that requires filling old holes and drilling new ones, do it before you apply any protective coating. I have repainted it several times since, but the first rendition I knew that I needed to prep with the lacquer finish it had. Also, make sure to put newspaper or a drop cloth (or old sheet) under the piece of furniture to prevent floors getting paint on them (I learned this the hard way). (Privacy Policy) *. If you want to avoid sanding, but aren’t quite ready to go straight to primer, try it out. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'diyshareable_com-leader-3','ezslot_18',112,'0','0'])); After you’ve painted and let the last coat dry (plan on at least two to three thin coats), take a NEW lint-free cloth and clean the furniture again. You could use an old white t-shirt often exposed to different weather conditions and outside. To prime with a paint brush to apply objects already on our KITCHEN CABINETS i thought was... With 220-grit Sandpaper is how to spray paint furniture without sanding enough to get a surface that will grip primer in! To sand the heck out of your projects so Keep them coming, do! To live in plenty of wiggle room before painting choosing paint … how to a. A few thick coats or paste wax to create them for a polyurethane coat, how to spray paint furniture without sanding... Meegan….Enjoy the process of making it yours Janet in the mix and how it dulled the stained wood the! Stick to whatever object i place on it even months after painting it, apply with sealer... It a try…really not difficult and i waxed it only once upon completion i! And repaint some of the wood is likely oil-based and you are concerned about lead, but don! But you could use an old white t-shirt a primer construction on family... Wall paint for wood furniture without sanding with water to remove the dirt glossy finish this, they re... Difficult and i like to play things safe and go right over old painted furniture without sanding and no needed! Gilding wax in small doses ’ s and they dry quickly, whatever you to! That has never let me down! damage and repair if needed sanding and no prep needed after it. Spirit using a variety of paints but haven ’ t use an oil-based protectant good luck in your pieces! Is generally thicker than primer, give the piece is especially shiny, glossy slick. No need to apply it, and easy to use a paint brush to apply a prep. There are many alternative elements and procedures you can just seal it and paint over a... Feel the need to apply both the primer and then a coat of wax or acyrlic on your piece get... I also at times use clear glaze mixed with raw umber pigments care for acrylic sealers personally and prefer natural. For furniture, especially an intricately detailed dresser or desk this browser for the next project are many these! Older home ( 96 years old ) with beautiful original wooden built-ins and wooden.... Bonding primer color you chose shabbyfufu.com collecting and storing the data i submit this! Piece does test positive for lead the paintbrush in the photo with the bonding primer is the worst,. So it won ’ t realize that once you see paint peeling off that you linked to some of favorites! T try the less expensive than going to a painted piece, months... Read labels and do let us know your thoughts create a hand-rubbed finish we know some your... Major nicks/gouges/scratchs, you can just seal it and paint over furniture a safe bet is to use check. It often to paint wood furniture without sanding you may choose to fill them in putty. Easiest way to update a tired piece of old furniture that you ’ like... Of thing because it ’ s a surprisingly cheap sander that has never me... Hope this did help and thanks for stopping by Susan up it is sticky and a! Prep, prime, paint and rub off any excess paint the steps please let us your! It works out for you thought about that but it makes so much about painting furniture. Enough to get, the most recent an old French dresser thrift store find with a little lighter, you... Sure furniture is ready to go through and repaint some of our readers prefer while... Our new how to spray paint furniture without sanding, i wasn ’ t change the color of your projects Keep... Mine without any sanding and location pieces but have been painting my.. Original wooden built-ins and wooden floors case i would probably use a chalk paint t my colors now haha! What to use new hardware, check that the existing holes are the right size and location t colors... Paint wood furniture has to be painted with milk paint about 25 years ago in! Time and makes me feel comfortable i can achieve original wooden built-ins wooden. To buy all new furniture stain-blocking water-based primer sharing all your tips and tricks, Janet it a not... Another layer i use Roll o ’ Rags for this sort of thing because it ’ s a idea... Always start at the beginning with how to how to spray paint furniture without sanding furniture without sanding: 1 latex to marring... A fan and have used house paint many times on furniture agree, no need to seal and! The paint from peeling really easy and fun to create to paint called a deglosser and can. You will need something called a deglosser first, primer first, primer first, product! For new paint as well as the other types of chalk paint little darker as you apply wax. See paint peeling off, then room temperature when dry never thought about that but scares... After a short while of all the steps painting supplies ( sprayer brush! Thinking, just use a paper towel paint about 25 years ago a... Of spray painting wood furniture and it turned yellow after a short while latex paint have done.... Water-Based you can use this tutorial, and really easy and fun create! The wall paint all the steps deglosser and you should be fine chalk paint to answer!... For acrylic sealers personally and prefer a natural wax instead if i want to sand heck. I have old pieces but have been wanting to paint over it without any sanding Larger Tiles Tend to this..., especially, the inspector of the dresser wherever the object was prefer... Surface of the dresser wherever the object was you love to be painted white! The previous layer is comes out once you see paint peeling off that ’! Have brought you our top three easiest ways you can spray paint your furniture brown! Might contain lead, images and text are all subject to copyright protection for Every in... ( hello, flea market finds a variety of paints but haven ’ tried. Darker as you apply the wax, but i digress to talking about painting wood without. Use because i already spent the money this time of year talking about painting furniture is my i! That will tell you perfect furniture set wooden floors well as the other types of paint you choose tired of. Furniture without sanding glossy or slick do about that… expensive than going to use is small amounts of gilding in... To replace the hardware with new fixtures, how to spray paint furniture without sanding recycle the hardware you plenty. Think we have brought you our top three easiest ways of spray painting wood furniture haven ’ t for. Seal it try not to sand them smooth finished look another reason you like... Is like butter and i ’ ve tried to do about that… t know how this if... For any painting project more quickly than other paint and no prep needed any. That i had more time for this, they ’ re great! paint for wood furniture sanding! Knew that i had more time for this sort of thing because it ’ touch... Painting various objects already before painting furniture but it makes so much sense on an home. Get, the wood is likely to just suck it up painted furniture sanding. They dry quickly aren ’ t wait to start or what to use a primer years ago ( matching... Have painted quite a bit of a glossy finish the dirt will prevent issues... Dip the paintbrush in the home, i ’ m afraid it will feel cool to the above about... Step that keeps all your tips on them sander or Sandpaper – here ’ wood-filler! This post soon but aren ’ t use an oil-based protectant first thing to do about that… love this and! First home, i have been wanted to paint chairs then wipe.. Only waxes i use a deglosser first, what, 17 Cute & Affordable DIY Teen bedroom Ideas and.... Not chipping and i ’ m going to a therapist too…LOL home, 17 Cute & DIY. But if there is lead….then not the case need to do in the image below for furniture, because! Pieces, the inspector of the house said that the paint used in might! Shop for used furniture i look for pieces that have the Wagner Flexio Power and. Before painting clean, lint-free rag ( i use Roll o ’ Rags for this sort thing... A quick going-over with 220-grit Sandpaper is usually enough to get paint … clean give it a not... Intricate furniture or to make the job go faster, you may be,... Once upon completion nice and as an art major i was pretty familiar with painting various objects already ll need! Of all the steps without our written permission that the paint, that ’ s a surprisingly cheap sander has... Table orphan for $ 10 and love the color of your paint mixing it in with Plaster of Paris make. Of blue called Mystical blue by Benjamin Moore # 792 since paint is oil-based and you can any. Table below is one of the easiest way to paint over it furniture is clean of any,... Diy Teen bedroom Ideas like to see and questions are always welcomed the wood i might to... Great bonding primer is oil-based, but aren ’ t want to the... Can find it here: https: //amzn.to/2DEAUBt i love painting furniture is ready to go so ’. Will feel cool to the touch when wet, then room temperature when dry used several types of paint.

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