What do I need to do to help prepare people for baptism and confirmation? Have you ever participated in an abortion? If the person being interviewed desires, another adult may be invited to participate in the interview. How can meditating on the ransom help you build your appreciation for Jehovah? What does it mean to ‘prepare the way’? The bishop should invite missionary elders who helped teach the convert to participate in the confirmation. The Spirit also stirs us to serve one another and to free people from injustice as Jesus did. Have a determination to serve Christ to the end. Also included are spiritual activities that others do not see, such as your private prayers and your personal study. Are you ready to take that step? Teach district leaders, zone leaders, and sister training leaders how to prepare people for the baptismal interview. Explain to the person being baptized what is planned and why. First intention : concerns the person being baptized. Symbols used in Baptism. They’ll also ask for a copy of your child’s birth certificate. What is Baptism? Do not schedule a baptismal date or make any promises about whether they will be cleared for baptism and confirmation. The purpose for baptism is, according to scripture, profound and so much more than simply a symbolic act. These include your activities in the congregation, such as your meeting attendance and participation in the ministry. Should you be afraid to make such a commitment? You Can Share in Strengthening Our Christian Unity​—How? Handout. A person who has dedicated his life to Jehovah will not consider these deeds to be chores. By planning the Baptism ceremony together it … The Spirit is manifest strongly as the sacred ordinances of baptism and confirmation are performed. Do you feel that you have repented of your past transgressions? The missionary who conducts the interview should fill out a current Baptism and Confirmation Form (Convert), except the information about confirmation. District or zone leaders do not interview baptismal candidates outside their own district or zone unless the mission president assigns them to do so. How do I work closely with the bishop to ensure that converts are confirmed? Do not baptize a married person without the consent of his or her spouse. (See also the box “ To Help You Grow Spiritually.”). He promises the chance to receive holy ordinances in His house. Teach district leaders and zone leaders how to conduct baptismal interviews. However, if they arise during the interview, express your love and review the commandments and the principle of repentance and forgiveness. 40:8. A young sister named Tilda said: “I used the worksheet to set goals. Have family members who have been baptized tell about their feelings at the time of their baptisms. 3:16) If you follow that advice, you will soon want to dedicate your life to Jehovah and get baptized. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8,9. How are you doing in that regard? Baptism Preparation Class for Parents, Godparents, and Sponsors. Under the direction of the bishop, missionaries should continue to fellowship new members. When interviewing a child, youth, or woman, the interviewer’s companion should be nearby in the adjoining room, foyer, or hall. Explain the expression “holy acts of conduct.”. As Mormon taught, “the first fruits of repentance is baptism” (Moroni 8:25). One teenage sister said: “Before I decided to get baptized, I studied the Bible and saw that this is the true religion. Missionaries should avoid all circumstances that could be misunderstood (see “Preventing and Responding to Abuse,” First Presidency letter, March 26, 2018). Encourage the person being baptized to invite his or her friends and relatives (for example, by creating an event on social media) to attend the baptismal service and the sacrament meeting where the confirmation will take place. Are you willing to obey them? Baptismal candidates are often encouraged to share a short testimony of how they were saved and what the Lord has done in their lives before they are baptized. If possible, the person should attend a baptismal service prior to his or her own baptism. 6 Learning to use your “power of reason” early in life will prepare you to give reasonable answers to your peers when they raise such questions as: ‘How do you know for sure that there is a God? Do you stand up for your faith rather than try to blend in with your classmates just to avoid ridicule? A new convert is considered a member of the Church only after the ordinances of baptism and confirmation are both completed and properly recorded (see John 3:5; Doctrine and Covenants 33:11). What are “holy acts of conduct” and “deeds of godly devotion”? If a parent of a family is not ready for baptism and confirmation but other family members are, you may tell the parent you prefer not to baptize the family without him or her because the Church respects the wishes of the parents and because family members will progress in the gospel best as a family unit. ARE you a young person who is considering baptism? Make sure white clothing is thick enough that it won’t become see through. The baptism is not prohibited by local laws and culture. Shorts are better to … What could have been improved? Emphasize that baptism by water is incomplete without baptism by fire through the gift of the Holy Ghost. Discuss this counsel with your companion and evaluate how you feel about boldly helping people meet these standards. 20 Clearly, dedicating your life to Jehovah is the right thing to do. These services should strengthen the new converts in their commitment to remain active. 18, 19. In preparation for baptism, you must “count the cost”—understanding that such a commitment to God is for life. As they keep the baptismal covenant, they will receive a remission of sins. If you have access to it, why not make this series a part of your personal study program? May I teach and baptize a person who has been excommunicated? What does this mean to you? If so, are you now on probation or parole? Would you like to read this article in %%? Bear in mind that Jehovah has your best interests at heart, and he is “the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him.” (Heb. Of course not! Make the interview a spiritually uplifting experience. After the confirmation, teach all five missionary lessons again. At baptism, you enter into a covenant with God. Come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits. Water. How can he give you something that he does not possess? HOW TO PREPARE YOUR CHILD FOR BAPTISM Linda Mei Lin Koh, GC Children’s Ministries (Presenter’s Notes) Steps in Baptismal Preparation 1. You would certainly feel indebted to the person who rescued you. Consider the following questions: What aspects of the interview might be strange to you? After the confirmation, the bishop or ward clerk completes the confirmation information on the Baptism and Confirmation Form (Convert). The Sabbath day, including partaking of the sacrament weekly and rendering service to others. What should I do if someone confesses such a sin? 16 A man well-versed in the Mosaic Law asked Jesus: “Which is the greatest commandment?” Jesus answered: “You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind.” (Matt. Instructions for the person conducting the interview for baptism. Kindly explain that these sins are serious and that a person with more maturity and experience (your mission president or someone he assigns) will talk with them and help them with these matters. Then follow through after the service to discuss their experience and invite them to learn why their friend chose to be baptized. How can it be that God has always existed?’ When you are prepared, such questions will not weaken your faith but will spur you on to do additional personal study. But why are you sure of your answers? Allow the person himself … Make sure candidates meet the requirements for baptism and confirmation. Then send a baptismal interview request directly to the mission president. Is it a good idea to ordain a father to the Aaronic Priesthood immediately after baptism so that he can baptize other family members? 7: How Can I Better Learn My Mission Language? Courtesy Mill Pond Press and Dr. Gerry Hooper. Study Mosiah 6:1–3 and Moroni 6:1–4. Do I need permission to baptize a minor child? Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service. 7 Diligent personal study can help you answer questions, resolve any doubts, and strengthen your convictions. The online feature “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” is helping many young ones strengthen their convictions. One of the foundational events in regard to baptism and what is required occurred on Pentecost in 30 A.D. On that day, the apostle Peter gave a powerful message about God that convicted the hearts of those who heard him. Most Pentecostals view baptism as an opportunity for a new believer to make his testimony public. (a) What should motivate a person to become a Christian? 11: How Do I Help People Make and Keep Commitments? A young sister named Tilda said: “I used the worksheet to set goals. A time of reverence while the people who participate in the baptism change into dry clothes. Sacramental preparation for the Baptism focusses on God’s grace and welcoming the child to life in the Spirit. 6: How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes? (w11 2/15 1:1-20)] In addition, many youths have enjoyed and benefited from the online feature “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” This series of study guides can be found on jw.org. If the person being honored is an older person, a family member or missionary may want to express his feelings about the baptism. Baptisms of excommunicated persons are not convert baptisms, and missionaries do not interview such persons for baptism. The district leader or zone leader who conducts the interview should: Hold the interview in a comfortable, private place, conducive to feeling the Spirit of the Lord. 5: What Is the Role of the Book of Mormon? https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/m/2016202/univ/art/2016202_univ_sqr_xl.jpg, https://assetsnffrgf-a.akamaihd.net/assets/a/w/ASL/201603/wpub/w_ASL_201603_lg.jpg. 2 What if you are not sure that you are ready for baptism? The Bible speaks of “holy acts of conduct and deeds of godly devotion.”​—Read 2 Peter 3:11. What do you understand about the following standards? (See paragraph 15). As much as possible, godparents should have received the sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation, Penance and the Eucharist. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of the world? THE WATCHTOWER—STUDY EDITION March 2016, The Watchtower—Study Edition  |  March 2016. As you ponder this question, study the following scriptures: You may also want to look for other passages that help you understand this principle. Would you simply go home, dry yourself off, and forget about what was done for you? Normally the district leader interviews baptismal candidates taught by missionaries in his district, including candidates taught by his zone leaders. Water is the central symbol of Baptism. The Church’s concern with respect to children is their current and future well-being and the harmony of their home environment. … You begin by holding up the Lord’s standards clearly and without apology. Preparing a child for baptism should start long before the child’s eighth birthday. Consider how you would handle different situations, such as the following: The candidate didn’t tell you that he is on probation for a crime previously committed. Help ensure that baptismal services are spiritually uplifting. Discuss how to use baptismal services and confirmations as finding opportunities. How would you want the interviewer to interact with you? And each day that I live, that conviction gets stronger.” YOUR ACTIONS. 3:14, 15) According to one reference work, the original-language word for “persuaded” has the sense “to be convinced and certain of the truth of something.” Timothy had made the truth his own. The candidate isn’t sure whether she has received an answer to her prayers. “To do your will, O my God, is my delight.”​—PS. Why is it important to complete baptismal and confirmation records? Work closely with the bishop and the ward mission leader to make sure this essential ordinance is performed. Helping families to get ready for baptism is more than just rehearsing them for the day. Be willing to take upon them the name of Christ. One or two short talks on gospel subjects, such as baptism and the Holy Ghost. That will help prepare you for baptism. The bishop does not conduct a separate interview for this ordinance. Baptism does not “save” you; only your faith in Christ does that. Carefully review the Teaching Record to ensure that you have taught the basic doctrine and that the candidates are prepared to address each question in the baptismal interview. Express your love and review the principle of repentance and forgiveness. At least one member of the bishopric participates in the confirmation. Children age eight whose parents are not members of the Church or whose parents are being baptized and confirmed at the same time as the child. and the actual event of baptism. Work with local priesthood and auxiliary leaders to ensure effective use of the Progress Record. The bishop is responsible for seeing that confirmation occurs as soon as reasonable after baptism. Then faithfully follow through to keep your promise. Think about how you might feel if you were being interviewed. 18 Do you appreciate what Jehovah has done for you? Do I need permission of the spouse in order to baptize a husband or wife? Perhaps you have known Bible truths for a long time. Accurately complete the Baptism and Confirmation Form (Convert). The baptismal interview is the way established by the Church to ensure that each candidate meets the Lord’s standards for baptism and is prepared to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. As appropriate, continue throughout your life to communicate with those whom you have taught and to encourage and support them. (1 Pet. The study guides invite you to reason on a number of scriptures and then to write down your thoughts about them. Discuss how missionaries should prepare people for the interview. How would you want the interviewer to respond if you expressed doubts or misunderstandings or if you confessed serious sins? Explain that the sacred nature of the ordinance requires high standards of worthiness. (a) Explain why baptism is a serious step. Does your conduct at school speak well of your faith? The missionaries who taught the person being baptized coordinate with the ward mission leader to organize the service. Always provide hope in Christ’s Atonement. Continue to teach them and review what has been taught. 40:8. How to prepare the Prayers of the Faithful for a Baptism The structure of the prayers ressembles a funnel, with each intention we enlarge the scope of the prayer (we start by praying for the person being baptized and finish with a prayer for the world). The baptismal service and subsequent confirmation should be spiritual highlights for new converts. There can be no turning back. Invite a member of the bishopric, quorum and auxiliary leaders, and ministering brothers and sisters (if assigned) to attend the baptismal service. Review the Baptism and Confirmation Form (Convert). 10 The Bible says: “Faith by itself, without works, is dead.” (Jas. Baptism does not make you a believer; it shows that you already are one! Ask the baptismal interview questions. Here are the five specific steps. The deacon and priest are ordinary ministers of this sacrament, though in extreme cases even a non-baptized person can validly baptize. If one or both of the child’s parents are polygamists, you must contact the mission president for additional information. He said, 1 It could also include a brief gospel presentation by the full-time missionaries for nonmembers who may be present. Thus, as we saw above, one of the effects of baptism is total forgiveness of sin. What can a young person do in order to progress toward dedication and baptism? Make sure that the candidate understands the purpose of the interview. When it does occur, however, it behooves all involved to step back from the situation and to reassess more precisely what is, and what is not, required in sacramental preparation. Satan himself has no good news to contemplate, no bright hope on the horizon. In … We welcome you as well and we hope that you will share with us some of your wisdom and insights, ask engaging questions, and use this time to renew and refresh what may have been forgotten. The missionary should ask the candidate to verify the information on the form during the interview. 11. You may also want to tell how you feel about your child’s baptism, and explain the responsibility you have to prepare him for baptism (see D&C 68:25–28). 14 Many young ones contemplating baptism have found this worksheet to be a valuable tool. No. Always provide hope in Christ’s Atonement. Introduction: How Can I Best Use Preach My Gospel? One teenage sister said: “Before I decided to get baptized, I studied the Bible and saw that this is the true religion. Why does a loving God permit evil? The mission president or one of his counselors must interview people involved in serious sins. Before you perform the baptism, check over the person’s clothes. 11:6) Dedicating yourself to Jehovah and getting baptized do not make your life worse. Many of you, however, are professionals at this, and have attended Baptism prep-aration sessions in many different formats. Understandably, you should get baptized only when you are qualified to make that decision, you have a personal desire to do so, and you understand the meaning of dedication. People who have kept the commitments that you invited them to make will be well prepared for the interview and for … 3. Discuss proper dress, including how the person will be given white clothing to wear for the baptism. You have been taught that membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints includes living gospel standards. 10. TERMS OF USE 5, 6. What do I do when people want to be baptized but are living together without being married? Do not copy. Explain that you want to make sure they understand the principles you have taught and the covenant they will make. 3, 4. 2:17) If you have strong conviction, it is reasonable to expect that you will show it by your actions. When you are baptized, you covenant with God that you are willing to take upon yourself the name of Christ and keep His commandments throughout your life. 2. … Because we love the people we serve, all of us want to do better in lifting our Heavenly Father’s children to the faithfulness and purity they need to have all the blessings of the Lord. 10: How Can I Improve My Teaching Skills? What can you do to help them understand this question? Remind the person that immediately after baptism and confirmation, he or she is worthy and eligible to receive a limited-use recommend to enter the temple to perform baptisms for deceased ancestors, and males of the appropriate age may also be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. After years of planting seeds of faith, it is an awesome privilege to participate in the harvest. Sometimes a person may volunteer information about such sins as you teach about the commandments and invite them to make commitments. Invite mission leaders to train other missionaries to prepare people for the baptismal interview. Manifest by their works that they have received the Spirit of Christ unto a remission of their sins. Instructions for teaching missionaries. Review the last baptismal service you attended. If a baptismal service is scheduled on a Sunday, it should be held at a time that minimizes interference with regular Sunday meetings. 19 How different Jehovah is from Satan, whose interest in you is only selfish! In the waters of baptism, we become members of the Body of Christ--God's People; we are configured to Jesus Christ the High Priest and share in his prophetic, kingly, and priestly mission; original sin is remitted. One godparent is necessary and not more than two will be recorded as witnesses. Continue using the Teaching Record to record progress. How does one prepare for Baptism? Even better, chose those who will be good examples to your child. If a parent in a family is not ready for baptism, should I baptize the family or wait until the parent is ready? 14 Many young ones contemplating baptism have found this worksheet to be a valuable tool. 5 What about you? 17 Your response to the ransom might be illustrated this way: Imagine that someone rescued you from drowning. The missionaries send one copy to the mission office for the creation of a membership record. We owe Jehovah God and Jesus Christ much more. Encourage and support them, read the Book of Mormon with them, and help them share the gospel with family members and friends. Not at all! When possible, attend baptismal services for new converts. Nevertheless, Paul urged Timothy: “Continue in the things that you learned and were persuaded to believe.” (2 Tim. The purpose of your teaching is to help others develop faith in Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. The ward clerk then returns two copies of the form to the missionaries. Then forward a baptismal interview request directly to the mission president. The commitments that people make prepare them to make and keep the covenant of baptism, be confirmed a member of the Church, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, enter the temple with a limited-use recommend, and receive the Aaronic Priesthood (for males of the appropriate age). But because of this great act of love, we now have the incomparable prospect of living forever on a paradise earth! Following are essential items to plan and organize. Those questions are not designed to create doubts in your mind. Why do I feel that living by God’s moral standards is better than adopting the lifestyle of the world? 4. One by one I reached those goals, and I was ready for baptism about a year later.” A young brother named Patrick benefited in a similar way. (Heb. We are a visually oriented society today more than ever. What convinces me that the Bible is God’s inspired Word? He promises personal peace. This will help set the person on the path toward making temple covenants that open the door to eternal life. 15 One of the most thought-provoking questions on the worksheet is this: “Would you serve Jehovah even if your parents and friends stopped doing so?” Remember, as a dedicated and baptized Christian, you will stand before Jehovah on your own. Question 4 in the baptismal interview asks if a person has ever committed a serious crime (if so, are they on probation or parole), participated in an abortion, or committed a homosexual transgression. How have you demonstrated that your “powers of discernment” have been trained to distinguish right from wrong? The first thing you must have before asking God for this gift is the right motive. President Henry B. Eyring explained why high standards are important. Get the main points clearly in mind. The person has not received a strong answer to prayer that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Help me, O God, to be rightly prepared to be baptized, to witness the baptism of others, and to reflect biblically on my baptismal experience. The candidate smoked a cigarette two days ago. (a) Why should you not fear belonging to Jehovah? When a person has set a firm baptismal date, schedule when you will complete all the events that lead to baptism and confirmation as listed in your daily planner. 12: How Do I Prepare People for Baptism and Confirmation? Have you ever committed a homosexual transgression? Through this interview, baptismal candidates fulfill the scriptural requirement that they witness before an authorized representative of the Church that they have “truly repented of all their sins” (Doctrine and Covenants 20:37). This is in virtue of the sacrament and not the minister. If you properly prepare yourself by going through these five steps, then you will definitely receive this gift the first time you ask and press in for it. The zone leader interviews candidates taught by the district leader. This packet has been prepared to help parents explain God’s plan of salvation to their school-age children who have expressed an interest in baptism. However, if they do not say anything but you think they may have a problem, prepare them for the baptismal interview by asking them if they have been involved in any of these sins. 20:10. Rather, he will reflect the attitude of King David, who said: “To do your will, O my God, is my delight, and your law is deep within me.”​—Ps. If the candidate is a minor, ensure that the parents or guardians have given permission, preferably in writing, for him or her to be baptized. Whenever members move, the membership record is forwarded to the new unit so that their new bishop can provide fellowship and assistance. Do you believe that [current Church President] is a prophet of God? In baptismal interviews, candidates are asked whether they are willing to take upon themselves the name of Christ. If the person has challenges with testimony or worthiness, explain that it would be best to postpone the baptism until he or she is better prepared. What provision can help you to perform “deeds of godly devotion,” and how have some young ones benefited from this provision? Remember, dedication involves a solemn promise to Jehovah to do his will forever, no matter what happens. Explain that the confirmation will take place under the direction of the bishop in a sacrament meeting of the ward in which they reside. The law of chastity, which prohibits any sexual relationship outside the bonds of a legal marriage between one man and one woman. If so, do not hold back. Baptisms of family members should not be delayed so that the father can receive the priesthood and perform the baptisms himself. Work with the person being baptized and the ward mission leader to invite the person’s friends and relatives to attend. A baptism ceremony is the perfect time to welcome the person to the faith and gather loved ones in celebration of it. “I already knew what my goals were,” he noted, “but writing them down made me work harder to reach them.”, Would you continue to serve Jehovah even if your parents did not? If so, why not make it a goal to examine more closely the reasons for your beliefs? A brief welcome by the priesthood leader who is conducting the service (a member of the bishopric should preside, if possible). Why is it reasonable to expect that a baptized Christian would have actions in line with his faith? Discuss how you will make sure that the services you plan will be spiritual and uplifting. Yes. It takes up the parent’s request for Baptism and offers them support in raising their child in the midst of the Church family. As for receving the Holy Ghost, it is only by way of repentance. Affirmation of faith. You may ask for this consent to be in writing if you feel it will help prevent misunderstandings. An opportunity for new converts to bear their testimonies, if desired. This worksheet invites you to write your responses to such questions as “How specific are your prayers, and what do they reveal about your love for Jehovah?” “What do you include in your personal study?” “Do you engage in the ministry even if your parents do not?” The worksheet also provides space for you to write down any goals you would like to set regarding your prayers, personal study, and ministry. Baptism is one of the most profound events that can take place in a person’s life. 13: How Do I Work with Stake and Ward Leaders? Think about the title of the lesson, the subheadings, the study questions, the “read” scriptures, the artwork, and any videos that may help explain the subject. Lesson 1: The Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the conclusion of a successful interview, congratulate the candidate. However, a person who is dedicated to Jehovah will rightly be proud to bear God’s name, and he shows this by his conduct. Timothy knew the Scriptures well. 16, 17. Before the Baptism of a child it is important to meet the priest or deacon two or three times. Preparing for Confirmation is a process of becoming a fully committed member of the Christian community, sensitive to how the Spirit is moving in one’s life. One by one I reached those goals, and I was ready for baptism about a year later.” A young brother named Patrick benefited in a similar way. Bible studies. Your service to him should not depend on others​—not even your parents. 5:14) Can you think of specific occasions when you resisted temptation or peer pressure? What if a person has a scheduled baptismal date but is not keeping all of the commitments? If the missionaries have properly taught the candidate before the baptismal interview, these issues, if they exist, should have been directed to the mission president. Baptism and Confirmation: Questions and Answers. Grant me assurance and grace to live the new life that I have publicly embraced and expressed in baptism.

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