About JCS Entertainment

JCS_About us

Mission Statement

Our focus is the production and presentation of high quality family entertainment. We strive for excellence in all that we do, while creating an avenue for our young people to explore and develop their talents in the Performing Arts.

In achieving our objectives, we will cooperate with all who share our philosophies, our standards and our aspirations.

What we stand for:

  • Discipline
  • Enriching Society and Giving Back
  • Family Entertainment
  • High Quality
  • Opportunities for Skill Enhancement
  • Professionalism in its Truest Sense
  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Use of our National Instrument as an integral part of our orchestrations
  • Support of our Senior Citizens
  • Working with and Supporting Our Youth

Our Services

  • Full Theatrical Production ©
  • Casting for shows, videos etc
  • Full Graphic, Sound and Video Designs
  • Graphic Art
  • Sound Reinforcement and Sound Systems for medium-sized events
  • Sound System Equipment Rentals
  • Wireless microphone systems for Theatrical Productions

History of JCS Entertainment Ltd

John Henry Smith III’s involvement in theatre started at Leeds University in 1972/3. Even though other pursuits in life eventually took him away from theatre, the theatre never left him.

He started the sound reinforcement company, JCS Sound, in October 2010. A company characterized by the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Mr. Smith then decided to transfer his vision of high quality productions, family entertainment and the pursuit of perfection back to the theatre. And what better genre than musical theatre where the discipline of sound was so underserved and yet so critical to a successful production?

As the Executive Producer, he collaborated with First Instinct to successfully produce “The Sound of Music” in 2012, “The King and I” in 2013, “Encore : Live from Broadway” in 2013 and this year 2014 “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

He has been a major source of creativity, drive, ethics and standards in these productions. His investment in the branding of high quality, family entertainment is beginning to take root.

Now as Creative Producer, Mr. Smith has formed JCS Entertainment. A company that will continue to develop the already set high standards of musical theatre with spectacular, Broadway quality, family entertainment providing for the entertainment of our general populace and our Senior Citizens, while at the same time retaining its focus of developing and working with young people not only for the future of the art form but that of the Nation.

JCS Entertainment’s ongoing business model includes working with Producer’s of high quality theatre as part of the development process of the live theatre art form and expanding even further the now limited yet potentially greater market of persons wanting to enjoy this.